Monday, April 25, 2011

Acess Market

What started out as a project to redesign currency for the visually impaired broadened into a design   for a retail model in which those with disabilities could more fully participate in economic activities.

Money Management

Annie Le, Jennifer Chang, Juliet Lam
Presenting: Tuesday, April 26th 2011 at 8 AM, at 66 West 12th Street Room 410

Pocket Change

Pocket Change

Caroline Jones
Juan Manuel Perez Pelayo
Elinor Samuelsson
Cassandra Walsh

3 May 2011
66 West 12 street
Room 401


Cash Conscious

Listen to "Cash Conscious Interviews"

Ian Douglass
Chantra Montoya-Pimolwatana
Besty Romero
Maryia Sakalouskaya

Tuesday 12pm


YBank from molly oberholtzer on Vimeo.

Red Money-Love and Finance Design Brief

Design At The Edge
Mateusz Halawa
12:00 pm Tuesdays

Olivia Austin
Andrea Allan
Gabrielle Dutz
Seymore Fleck
Jennifer Rodarte

From Zero to Savings

From Zero to Savings
Julian Antetomaso
Ellen Hur
Amy Kiska
Claudia Senior
Shoo Min Shim

Presenting on 5/3/2011 at 8 a.m

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Bankers: Connecting Children with the Banking System

Mateusz Halawa: Presentation date Tuesday 5/2/2011 8am 
Prerna Agarwal
Cara Colucci
Nick Lewis
Daniella Peña